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Review ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï Kiersten White Read Ç Mind Games ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kiersten White Ï 0 Characters St impulse is always exactly right When the sisters are offered a place at an elite boarding school Fia realizes that something is wrong but she doesn't grasp just how wrong The Keane Institute is no ordinary school and Fia is soon used for everything from picking stocks. 15 starsYou know what I told this book For your reading pleasure I am going to have many examples of awful awful oh so awful writing for you Example A The Repeat And Then Repeat Again In ParenthesisAlso snippets of Why this reads like a 13 year old girl s diary You have been warned Okay so someone posted a comment about her explanation to why in Fia s POV everything is repeated 3 times she s killed three people I gotta say that that makes a whole lot sense than I had previously thought However the flaw that I can see in that is that she doesn t kill person number 3 till later in the book and she s already been repeating thingsSo my uotes stand as is Just thought I should add thatuotes As much as I would love to type out every single single single single time something annoyed me in the writing I ll just type up the ones I had enough paper to mark I tap my fingerstap tap tap them nervously against my jeans Page 3 He is too big ears and too big smile and too big eyes and too big too big too big too real for me to end Page 4 The instant his eyes meet minegray he has gray eyes I would have closed his gray eyes forever I know I have him as far north as I need to go and after that I will figure it out Page 5GRAY EYES SHERLOCKAs far north as What He smiles His gray eyes they will haunt me forever with what I would have done what I still could do what I still should do oh Annie have you already seen this Did you know when I left that I d kill us both Page 6Your poor little head It must hurt to be you Because I m going against Keaneoh no oh no they will kill us bothand I need to know as much as I can to try and fix it Page 7Getting the idea Well I don t think you ve seen enough I look over my shoulder to see the men threetap tap tap I hate the number three thick shoulders one gun between them based on the way the guy in the middle is walkingthat was a mistake they should all have guns guess they ll find out matching ouur pace and getting closer Page 10For hating the number three she sure repeats a word three times a lota lot a lot a lot You ll see see see Tap tap tap I need to tap tap tap I need to get out of this car Page 39twitch I sit upit hurts it hurts my body hurts and grab her hand in mine Page 88 There are no boys here Not teenagers anyways Only men With weapons It hurts it hurts my body hurts Page 89Good Lord We know And what does that have to do with anything anyways I simultaneously want to kiss him and to get as far away from him as possible He feels wrong he feels dangerous my heart speeds up the same way for him that it did for the stun guns Page 89You feel attracted to stun guns Because I m too young for you Because you re an evil manipulative monster and I know it Page 118 We re touching touching everywhere and it s wrong it s wrong it s wrong but right right now and I close my eyes and his lips are even better at dulling than the drinks or the music Page 120I d like to put the entire freaking chapter from 112 123 but I really don t feel like it Though it is a prime example of how Fia is TSTL and how James is and I don t say this lightly a man whore and how she doesn t use commas and sentences never end and she repeats things over and over and over which is rather rather rather annoying to read Some sort of accidentSome sort of accidentSome sort of accident Page 129What are you doing GAH It s wrong wrong wrong WRONG WRONG WRONG Page 131You want to know what s wrong THAT SENTENCE If Clarice is dead she can t be there when Annie gets shotThat can t happen nowIt won t happen nowAnnie is safeAnnie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Annie is safe Page 133Are you sure He flirts shamelessly with everyone The Readers whisper that he think constantly about sex Eden says he reeks of lust I don t want him in the room I don t want him around my baby sister Page 148Jamesman whoreAnnieprotective and smart older sisterFiaidiot who actually wants this guyOh Fia Kill them kill them wait Annie If I m gone Annie s not safe What if James is with me What if he can t tell them that I was taken that I didn t run Oh no Annie Annie Page 156While the sentiment here is probably the best one Fia expresses the entire book the writing is so bad Cole has a slight limpI wonder where my knife went I liked that knife Page 158Random observationis random Can t tap tap tap my hand I don t want to add another tap but I will if it saves Annie I will Page 160What the hell is up with the tapping Control control control Control got Clarice killedControl didn t get Clarice killed I killed Clarice Page 161First off what is the purpose of all the parenthesis It s not like we can t read Fia s thoughts without them Secondly finally remember you bludgeoning her to death do ya Fia Good to know you re not a heartless witch I steal a phone out of someone s pocketI feel like I should have a phone Page 195Classic Fia She s not in danger No life threatening situation She s walking in the park Just taking a walk and decides to steal a random person s phone I can see the person he thinks I am when he looks at me this wonder this strong and brave and strange girl He is half in love with the idea of me and if I stayed Page 196Here s the rub Fia can t read minds She can t feel other people s emotions So Fia stop being a self centered arrogant prissy little you know what and get past yourself Fia You use meJames I yes I use you I need to use you Page 198I m sorry what was that James You use her Can you repeat that in front of Annie so she can I don t know kill you That d be great Should I call Eden to meet us he asks pulling off his shirtI love I love I love it when he does this Page 206 EmiliaI say and he takes my handhe shouldn t touch my hand and brings it to his lips Page 208 I do not move will not move not ever Right right right I will make this feel right Page 210Because God forbid Fia do something actually right That would be absurd I m his It s such a relief to be someone s to not have to be my ownto not have to be Annie s don t think about Annie not tonight especially not tonight Page 210Yeah wouldn t want to think about your blind sister that you left all alone And she is wrapped around wrapped around wrapped around James my James and she is laughing and her handsnot my hands not my horrible hands are in his hair and she is whispering in his ear Page 211What I ask you would possess someone to write a sentence like that Oh maybe if you were writing the POV of an insane person Love love loveLove Page 211Okay Fia he calls pulling me away from Eden soft Eden untrained Eden Eden with all her soft parts that I could hurt hurt hurt no don t think about it get away from Eden don t let her feel it Page 211 212Why are you so homicidal Oh and maybe you should have considered the fact that James runs around with every girl he can get his hands on He s not gonna change for you no matter how much you repeat things in your head He is smiling and driving and I wish I were driving I would drive us off a cliff No I wouldn t Maybe I would I am so stupid I am sick with the stupidness of me Page 212 Smartest thing you ve ever thought I m so frelling proud of you He is beautiful and he thinks I am beautiful and everything about him is slick and predatory and he wants me He is wrong and I should not encourage him I should leave right now and find James This is not safe There are too many bodies several of the tall broad guys around us are obviously with him I am outnumbered it is dark he thinks I am very young and very helpless and only one of those is true He does not like James He hates him I noticed on the beach but I was distracted by James claiming me Not claiming me Using me Keeping me away from RafaelI smile and raise my arms over my head dance closer to Rafael He hates James He is dangerous I let him put his hands on hips and twist my body against his Because he is not James Page 213 image error

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Review ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï Kiersten White Read Ç Mind Games ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kiersten White Ï 0 Characters To planting bombs If she tries to refuse they threaten her with Annie's lifeNow Fia's falling in love with a boy who has dark secrets of his own And with his help she's ready to fight back They stole her past They control her present But she won't let them take her future. The ratings system is inherently flawed in relation to book reviews I tend to use the 1 star review solely for books that offended me particularly in their romanticised depiction of rape culture abusive relationships women shaming etc I seldom if ever give a book 1 star because it was just awful as a piece of literature I read somewhere that the author Kiersten White finished the first draft of this book in nine days I don t believe that Nine days is far longer than my original prediction of a weekend This book read like a NaNoWriMo novel written in the final two days because the author forgot about it It s been a long time since I read a book as painfully rushed sloppy and lazy as Mind Games known as Sister Assassin in UK The biggest failure of this book is the narration Switching between the two sisters who are entirely matching in almost every way White has chosen a stream of consciousness first person style to tell this story Stream of consciousness was a particular favourite of the Modernist movement and utilised to great effect by writers such as Virginia Woolf and James Joyce if you ve actually finished Ulysses then you re a better person than I am It s tough to read even when it s executed perfectly Here it s practically unbearable Not only are the sisters narrations impossible to differentiate from the constant repetition of words and phrases coupled with the lazy and juvenile nature of the prose made the experience of reading this book seem far longer than its slim page numbers would suggest The non linear narrative feels like such a slog and does nothing but make the story entirely incoherent Any possibility of the book livening up with some action is uickly ruined by this unreadable style None of this is helped by the fact that both sisters are motivated by pretty much the same things make completely irrational decisions that don t fit with what the other cut out characters tell us about them and are both extremely annoying I didn t want to spend this book with them Then again it s not as if the supporting cast offer up much either Scooby Doo offered up stronger motivation and characterisation than this book does However I must briefly draw attention to one character called James which I had to look up for this review because I have honestly forgotten everyone s names except for the sisters who plies an underage girl with alcohol to get her to talk Of course James is the dark sexy and dangerous one who we are supposed to root for the woman he plies with alcohol to get together with He also delightfully manipulates a young woman who struggles with her ability to feel everyone else s emotions into believing he cares for her because that makes her easier to deal with Not that the alcohol plied sister Fia really cares about the well being of this young woman She doesn t care about anyone besides herself regardless of her constant whining over looking after her blind sister I d be angrier at this mess if I in any way cared about Fia or Annie as charactersThe powers that the sisters have could be interesting if executed well but instead they re just there They serve bare plot purposes in the most serviceable manner possible and are barely explained or expanded upon In the end everything that went on felt entirely inconseuential because I just didn t care about anything although I did wonder why any stereotypical evil organisation would use a woman with perfect instincts to kill people instead of just having her make them billions and screw around with democracy The style of the book and the childish approach to storytelling and prose just dragged me out of the experience I can live with an unoriginal plot structure which this book has in spades if the execution is interesting or interesting uestions are asked or if the characters and dialogue bring it to life This book has none of that I spent much time thinking about why White was in such a hurry to push this book out than I did thinking about the book itself Mind Games is bafflingly bad I cannot understand how a relatively well acclaimed New York Times best selling author can fail so badly with this book although some blame must also go to the editor and agent for rushing this out so uickly as if publishing it was a race against time I see that this book is the first in a duology which makes me shudder in all honesty Mind Games was a waste of my time a waste of the publisher s time and just a mess in every conceivable way 15

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Review ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï Kiersten White Read Ç Mind Games ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kiersten White Ï 0 Characters Fia and Annie are as close as two sisters can be They look out for each other Protect each other And most importantly they keep each other's secrets even the most dangerous ones Annie is blind but can see visions of the future; Fia was born with flawless intuition her fir. A few months ago I had attempted to read my copy of Paranormalcy which had been collecting dust on my bookshelf for uite a few months In the mood for a light funny read Paranormalcy sounded like it d be perfect and even better it came highly recommended to me by multiple trusted friends of mine I think I may have lasted about one hundred pages before I threw in the towel and abandoned the book From what I had read Paranormalcy was pretty much the book I was looking for to a T conceptually it was light slightly funny though I have the sense of humor that will inevitably have me burning in hell so it wasn t exactly my taste of humor and interesting enough But the two things that kept me from having any desire to continue reading Paranormalcy was the extremely amateur and juvenile writing and poor characterization However when I heard that White had a new novel released in 2013 that was apparently much darker than Paranormalcy I was pretty excited figuring that over the three years since Paranormalcy was published White would have a much stronger writing style and characterization skills than in her debut I am proven wrong I think it s safe to say that over time authors grow and stronger writing style wise but I think that over time White s writing style may have regressed in uality In Paranormalcy as much as the writing was excruciatingly difficult for me to plow through what with the bleeping censoring and overall feeling that it was written by a teenager it fit well with the fluffy and lightness that ran rampant throughout the novel Mind Games however is much darker when compared to Paranormalcy and yet the juvenile and immature writing is still there and it is even glaring in here than ever because it feels off with the general plot Mind Games is told from the point of views of two sisters Annie and Fia One of the things I was most looking forward to in Mind Games was the strong and unbreakable sisterly bond between Annie and Fia but the most background we got on their relationship is that Annie will do anything for Fia and Fia will do anything for Annie But the thing is we re told that they will do anything for each other yet we get too few actual examples that their relationship never lived up to the promise of a strong and unbreakable sisterly bond And as for the characterization of Annie and Fia it s pretty much the same exact thing all we really know about either of them is that they have a strong love for each other and even with that we re strictly told that and not shown it Kiersten White could have gone so far with the concept of having a main character who is blind and is only capable of seeing in the future yet all of the potential with the character of Annie falls flat on its face And the character of Fia is no better if not much much worse Throughout the entirety of Mind Games Fia was met with little to no character growth whatsoever she starts out as a whiny selfish and thoroughly unintelligent character and ends up as a whiny selfish and thoroughly unintelligent character As well as that it s hard to take a character who is an assassin seriously when she decides not to kill a target because he saved a puppy And also don t be fooled by the promise of assassins or the UK edition s name Sister Assassins this book is about assassins in the same way that Avatar is about blue people who have sex with their ponytails the general concept is in there somewhere but it sure as hell isn t the main focus And back to the writing I understand what White was trying to do with Fia s perspective by making the chapters told by her point of view disjointed and incoherent and that s pretty much what the entire novel is like too to emphasize her mental stability or lack thereof but it really added nothing to the story and only detracted from my enjoyment and the repetition was incredibly irritatingTold in mostly scattered unnecessary and confusing flashbacks Mind Games is a book that clearly began with good intentions but ultimately only ended up being a failure of good intentions and the sad part is that it could have ended up as a truly great book if placed in the hands of a capable author The plot is strong and at times entertaining but as a whole the disjointedness of everything made Mind Games much of a miss than a hit Those who are fans of White s Paranormalcy trilogy may find themselves enjoying Mind Games than I enjoyed it as they are clearly fans of the author s writing style but at the same time they might find themselves completely and utterly disappointed considering the fact that in scope Mind Games is a much darker well as dark as a book chocked full of Justin Bieber references can be read than Paranormalcy And while I did really like the ending and importantly was completely surprised by the direction it took and appreciated the overall ballsiness White had to write the final two chapters I highly doubt I ll be back to read of the Mind Games trilogy or really any of Kiersten White s books for that matter