[Heavy Words Lightly Thrown The Reason Behind the Rhyme] E–pub ↠ Chris Roberts

  • Paperback
  • 202
  • Heavy Words Lightly Thrown The Reason Behind the Rhyme
  • Chris Roberts
  • English
  • 05 February 2020
  • 9781592402175

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READ Ð Heavy Words Lightly Thrown The Reason Behind the Rhyme Udian interpretations and makes astonishing connections to contemporary popular culture Striking and spooky silhouettes of nursery rhyme characters accompany the rhymes You’ll never see Mother Goose in the same way again BACKCOV. Didn t finish it yet but gave this to Mom because I thought she might like it Her response was the same as mine meh

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READ Ð Heavy Words Lightly Thrown The Reason Behind the Rhyme F the most innocuous sounding nursery rhymes uncovering a seething subtext of sexual innuendo religious hatred and political subversion Heavy Words Lightly Thrown provides a fascinating history lesson teases out some alarming Fre. Despite the author s acknowledging that this is not a heavy work of scholarship I was somewhat disappointed in this book having expected something a little serious in aspect I have had an interest in the origins of nursery rhymes for some time now which is why I picked this upI also think he s got some of it uite wrong but I haven t progressed in my own researches that far Personally I rather doubt that Georgie Porgie s prototype Rowley Powley was about the dangers of overweight youth for example And I know that Rowley or old Rowley was a nickname for Charles II that probably has to do with it Other problem there are a number of digressions in many of the chapters that have nothing to do with the rhymeI do appreciate the glossary for us poor benighted US ans And I had no idea there are so many differences between US UK nursery rhymes it adds a whole new dimension to the research Sadly a good third of the rhymes I had never heard of Distanced me somewhat because they weren t the familiar rhymes of my youth But a light pleasant writing style overall

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READ Ð Heavy Words Lightly Thrown The Reason Behind the Rhyme Was Little Jack Horner a suatter “Baa Baa Black Sheep” a bleat about taxation What did Jack and Jill do on that hill Who was Mary And why was she contrary This witty and ingenious book delves into the hidden meanings of forty o. 2018 Reading Challenge title includes song lyricsI forgot how much I enjoyed this book the first read through I nursery rhymes In fact when my daughter was born I bought TWO Mother Goose books one for me one for her It s easy to fall back on innocence when reading these but they re really not This book tells the stories behind many of the most popular verses memorized in childhood Now the reader must take into account that the author is English so there are many British references but not to worry There is a glossary in the back for any terms with which one is not familiar I find these terms really add to the book s charm