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  • A Patriot's History of the United States From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror
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A Patriot's History of the United States From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror Characters È 0 Allen have now revised updated and expanded their book which covers America’s long history with an appreciation for the values that made this nation uniuely successf. Remember being taught about the heroism of the battle of Iwo Jima How about the moral compass of the founding fathers of the United States What about the intracate reasons of why capitalism was not only adopted as the US s financial but also the way it actually was used as the cornerstone to build the country from scratch If you barely have vague recollections of these events you probably grew up indoctrinated by public schools and Universities being force fed the negative history of a country that enslaved not a country that fought to end slavery a country who s government spent it s citizens tax dollars trying to spy on it s own citizens not a government who is the sole financial support of ailing 3rd world countries around the worldThis book was written by College History Professors that were fed up with the negative selective teaching of the academically approved history books It Walks the reader through the US shining a light on the forgotten moments and actions that made this country the shining light and beacon of hope in the world

Review A Patriot's History of the United States From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on TerrorA Patriot's History of the United States From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror

A Patriot's History of the United States From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror Characters È 0 Rvative history of our country correcting the biases of historians and other intellectuals who downplay the greatness of America’s patriots Professors Schweikart and. We have been lied to Large blocks of vital history that makes us who we are today are maliciously absent from today s high schools and universities We are products of a system that makes us inclined toward self loathing as Americans Informed educated people know that the liberal left has taken over our public schools beginning in the early 70 s You don t have to be a right wing conspiracy nut to know that history books were rewritten in order to indoctrinate our youth into believing that the United States as a republic is evil and that our system of government is a failure and therefore free enterprise democracy and capitalism along with the republic a nation of laws should be replaced by either communism or socialism Informed educated people know that the media including TV shows and movies is overwhelmingly dominated by leftist and that the news is no longer objective but selectively revealed to support leftist causesThis book changes all that and gives you the real history of our great and proud country It shows you integral parts of our past that remain untold in our schools to this day and explains the Progressive Movement which was begun by President Woodrow Wilson and perpetuated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt Progressives believe that those who don t work to help themselves should get free money from those who have it and that the role of government should be to forcibly take it from them in the form of excessively high taxes Progressives don t believe in the axiom absolute power corrupts absolutely and seek to expand the role of government like a control freak parent They see the splinters in other peoples eyes but ignore the beam in their own eyesIf you believe that you should not only give a hungry man a fish through the act of voluntary charity not forced and that the hungry man should be taught to fish for himself then this book is for you On the other hand if you don t believe in personal accountability and that the individual s problems are a result of society and that government is the answer to all problems socialism communism fascism then this book is not for you

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A Patriot's History of the United States From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror Characters È 0 The revised 10th anniversary edition of the #1 New York Times bestsellerOver the past decade A Patriot’s History of the United States has become the definitive conse. Overall a very biased book that pretends not to be it was written as a sulk toward Howard Zinn s A People s History of the United States and it shows while Zinn is open about his biases and actually reasonably objective this book is not a history but a collection of opinion pieces that glorifies the god that failed democracy and always abominates liberty in favor of it and jingoist nationalismSome particularsp 50 false implication that the state has a right to some share of an individual s incomechokengtitiktitikchokeng 80 1 false attribution editorializing of belief to Jefferson that government was natural rather than artificial based on statement from the Declaration that says the opposite eg instituted right to institute new government ie at their option and only with consent of those wishing to be governedp 88 they generally do well explaining that Confederation was a good system and free than the Constitution which was carefully used by Hamilton in Jefferson s absence to begin aggregating and centralizing power see DiLorenzo Hamilton s Cursep 90 the god of monarchy may have been displaced but democracy turned out to be in the words of Hoppe a god that failed too but the authors appear to be still blindly worshipping see Hoppe Democracy the God that Failedp 94 begins a reverence for Whigs that seems unsupportable given later events particularly around the time of the civil war where the Republican former Whigs still loudly proclaiming their loyalty to Whig ideas freed of Southern restraint instituted a series of Whig programs to centralize government and allow it to control business and hence individuals through subsidies and massive regulation crony capitalism see DiLorenzo The Real Lincolnp 95 96 of the fallacy of government being natural being a position of the founders especially Jefferson a heresy he would have soundly rejected see DiLorenzo Hamilton s Cursep 105 at least a false implication that state s rights was a Southern only position and only to promote slavery see Woods Nullificationp 109 bias toward Whig mercantilism by our authorsp 110 the goals of the so called second phase of the American revolution that is centralization of power were hardly noblep 112 the Constitution was never meant to be an end to state sovereignty just delegation of some powers to a new agency to claim so is to rewrite history not retell itp 114 fairly laughable that right after correctly explaining the three fifths compromise the authors state that it implied designation of a human as only three fifths of the value of another it was about representation not value and slaves didn t vote anyway would it make slaves free or eual if each was counted as one person for representationp 116 reference to nullification of fugitive slave laws without either the knowledge or honesty to name it as suchp 116 well it s nice to know that slavery wasn t an important issuep 116 the framers were certainly not acting on the assumption that the Union was the highest good of them all only Hamilton was to be of that opinion and he didn t voice it in The Federalist at least authors insert their nationalistic cult editorializing again Someone should tell them that patriot doesn t mean lover of large centralized governmentp 116 failed to note that the supremacy clause only applies to laws made in accordance with the constitution denotes continued flogging of the authors nationalistic religionp 117 humility my behindp 120 history has shown Beard and the anti federalists to have been correct in all their fears since this book was writen in 2004 and not as one might suppose from the professed na vet of the authors we see again distinct and distasteful bias toward the centralizers increased government power and hence increasingly infringed individual rights and the claim that some signers of the Declaration or supporters or opponents of either Constitution or Confederation stood to lose out economically or did so does not remove the issue of self interest but merely rather shows it was not the only issue of importance for a few of themp 122 ah the false and pernicious line that we the people meant that it was the people and not the colonies that separated of course that is entirely false see DiLorenzo or Woods or the Treaty of Paris for further informationp 124 Washington commits a false dilemma fallacyp 125 unfortunately any reader of DiLorenzo s Hamilton s Curse will see that the anti federalists Jeffersonians did indeed lose the war and the Hamiltons won and are winningp 126 hooray he got something right the 2nd amendment but probably for the wrong reasonsp 131 2 for extraconstitutional notion of a cabinet read unconstitutional starting up the whole wretched empire of bureaucratic evil pork and avarice on the Potomacp 134 Hamilton s foreign birth prohibited him from becoming president thank Godp 135 national assumption of state debts no matter how uneual the first socialist welfare programHamilton wanted a permanent national debt and despite the effects of said debt the authors still worship himp 136 used said debt to browbeat the rich of the day and to create a national bank that eventually become the Federal Reserve with all the wealth destruction so caused 95% of the value of the dollar since 1913Hamilton had no illusions about the damages inherent in big government he just didn t care or hoped to be the one holding the whipAuthors try to attribute the debt being paid down to Hamilton over 20 years when it took reversal of Hamilton by Jefferson and others to begin to pay down the debt in Hamilton s Cursep 137 The public purse must supply the deficiency of private resources Hamilton Ie theft is OK when you don t get what you want Fortunately that idiocy at least brought Madison overchokengtitiktitikchokeng 138 Oh good Hamilton s responsible for the whole implied powers nonsense too Why is the author defending him againp 138 If the Whiskey Rebellion had been won tyranny would have had to take a step back Every war advances it the War of Southern Independence being the next big oneIn general it seems Zinn tells the story as objectively as he can and SchweikartAllen are writing one long editorial or position paper It leaves a bad taste even when they re rightchokengtitiktitikchokeng 152 Authors make excuses for the Alien and Sedition Acts Faughp 153 Those idiots then make a content free false assertion that the Constitution repudiated the doctrines of the Kentucky and Virginia resolutionschokengtitiktitikchokeng 160 Authors still fellating Hamilton and crediting him for Jefferson s successeschokengtitiktitikchokeng 168 Burr should have a monument for saving the Republic for a little while from Hamilton s machinations see DiLorenzo s book Hamilton s Curse Hamilton a brightest light What a joke This is why it s hard to take this extended rant of a book seriously too much biased opinion rather than facts from good sources and allowing the reader to draw their own conclusionschokengtitiktitikchokeng 168 It s not pre emptive ie initiatory aggression war to respond to actual attackschokengtitiktitikchokeng 174 Misspelling of Niagara Niagra Ouchchokengtitiktitikchokeng 178 skimmed only not really worth my time nothing new to learn facts wise and the authors opinions are freuently odious and always unwelcomechokengtitiktitikchokeng 182 Demonstrates continued lack of understanding of the federal system in praising McCulloch v Marylandchokengtitiktitikchokeng 210 1 Another failure to understand federalismchokengtitiktitikchokeng 250 Yes morality is above law especially law not consented to and you can bet the slaves did not consentchokengtitiktitikchokeng 260 Hey they get one thing right Ultimately slavery could only exist through the power of the statep 299 baseless assertion that the South meant to violate the Constitution no matter what without any sort of explanationchokengtitiktitikchokeng 300 baseless driveby assertion that secession was evil and that all the good people stayed home from the southern elections Got one thing right though most Southerners fought to defend their state and nation and to uphold constitutional principles not for slaverychokengtitiktitikchokeng 302 it is not just an exaggeration but an outright lie to claim that the War of Northern Aggression Civil War was only about slavery Numerous historical facts must be ignored to make such a claimchokengtitiktitikchokeng 303 as Block and others point out secession is freedom of association and always available by right even if those exercising their freedom are murdered by tyrants such as Lincolnchokengtitiktitikchokeng 305 tyranny in Maryland including arrest of state legislators and ignoring the supreme court illegal creation of a new state from a state that Lincoln claimed never left the hence involuntary unionp 312 Lincoln was not actually a good strategist at all he tried to micromanage his generals frustrating them exceedinglychokengtitiktitikchokeng 313 whether called hard war or total war murdering raping pillaging noncombatants and destroying their property is evil authors whitewashing attempt failschokengtitiktitikchokeng 313 another whitewash northerners did not go to war because Southerners had broken the law as if the USA could define law in another nation but to regain territory and tax revenuechokengtitiktitikchokeng 324 O for the good old days when profligate murderous wars only cost 2 million per dayp 324 adding a tax to make people use the state s banknotes isn t fixing a loophole it s just new theft Lincoln and Chase can be blamed for much of the state s control of banking a sad legacyp 326 desperation makes people stupid sadlyp 347 tried to gloss over Jefferson Davis not having done anything illegal either in war or independencep 347 finally Lincoln s Last Days the murderer and destroyer of liberty brought to justicep 348 neither treason nor sedition make sense as accusation against CSA citizens who owed no allegiance to a foreign governmentp 349 certainly not Lincoln shall life in infamy not as a hero of any sortp 349 ah the Lost Cause which authors begin with slander perverted and continue with slander Marxist Neo ConfederateTo set a few things straight it is not worth arguing whether secession was legal or constitutional those concepts from inside the compact did not apply to a party leaving the compactSecond in the War of Northern Aggression WoNA there were many wrong parties and a few right The Southern common soldiers fighting to defend their homeland were certainly in the right One might also claim exception for draftees on either side since they were threatened with death for desertion depending on how practical it would have been for them to escape or if for Southerners they eventually came to fight in defense of their homes as well Some of the Southern generals Lee especially were also clearly fighting to stop a foreign attack in fact I do not know if many or any were fighting to maintain slavery that is not to deny its support among many of the politiciansAs to wrong we have anyone in the north seeking to conuer seeking to teach a lesson as the redcoats tried to do but failed in the last American War for Secession and so forth to maintain the union as the euphemism had it was certainly evil It was also abundantly clear eg in H W Crocker III s Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War that the northern soldiers and generals were fighting because they were told to and certainly not to free any slaves any suggestion of that motivation is stillborn But we also have of course wrong on the side of the slaveholders and any who would fight for slavery rather than in defense of their country whose numbers we cannot determine except to realize that most soldiers would be poor and own no slaveschokengtitiktitikchokeng 350 while slavery was not irrelevant as a cause of war there were certainly other important causes the tariff the national tax of the time chiefly inflicted upon the South for improvements in the north being one of themp 351 it is not important whether the US government was oppressive than the CSA s government that either was oppressive is bad enough morality is not a relative gamep 351 another jewel in the pigsty the government did indeed perpetuate Jim Crow where the market would notp 351 they are right but not as intended that the WoNA was about freedom whether a people had as Lincoln himself claimed the right to self determination or no and by force of arms they proved that this people in this time did not have the power but the right remains for everp 352 the WoNA destroyed the USA as a voluntary unionp 515 mostly skimming now even through all the stupid things the authors write to absolve Wilson of purposefully and unnecessarily dragging the US into the war but their defense of propaganda is pretty laughable and weak too the defense is that it was obviously accepted and enthusiastically received which dimwits is the goal so all that s saying is that the propaganda was successfulSame page rationalization of infringements to liberty speech and press This is what happens when people with no principles attempt to write a history based on what they wanted to have happenedchokengtitiktitikchokeng 517 they gloss merrily over the reinstitution of slavery called euphemistically the draft they scarcely criticized the income tax and if a Republican had passed it they likely would have cheered another hazard of the unprincipled is that they look at who does something rather than the nature of the act cf Bush vs Obama bombing brown peoplep 523 well finally some mention of Britain and France s culpability but way too late and of Wilson s punitive treaty giving the Allies anything they wanted so long as they joined his pet League of Nations At least strokes finally clobbered that useless idiotchokengtitiktitikchokeng 565 almost gets it if a task was valuable someone in the private sector would have paid to have it done except they add the perfidious or citizens would have imposed taxes on themselves no just no the first part is all citizens do not impose taxes on themselves if they want to pay for something they will pay voluntarily so taxes are imposed on the unwilling under the auspices of democracy taxation as we know is theftp 567 unclear if he is calling the NRA programs justified or saying that they would be claimed to be justifiable by their advocates but it looks like the former is being claimed which is of course inaccurate they did not get the nation the individuals therein out of the depression they generally lengthened it or did nothing see eg Folsomp 591 Americans had little appreciation for a society steeped in a tradition of extreme nationalism really This is meant to be a joke right reinforced through indoctrination in its public education system yeah that d never happen in the US and replete with military training of children from the time they could walk well one for three ain t bad instead of military training military worship is ingrainedchokengtitiktitikchokeng 592 you can just about take it as gospel that in this book terms like absurd mean absolutely truechokengtitiktitikchokeng 596 disturbing that they continue to use the term isolationist after admitting earlier that they mean non interventionistchokengtitiktitikchokeng 596 if people were so hot to get into the war that they were sneaking in why was conscription usedp 599 authors defending propaganda because the sweet little Americans weren t bloodthirsty by nature forgot the War of Northern Aggression chapter after writing it did wep 685 these are not public accommodations they are private businesses or should be eg in the cases of government run transportation and the part of the Civil Rights Act that coerced their proprietors forced association such as the EEOC was an infringement on freedom of association and hence individual libertyp 700 violating most laws unrelated to actual harm should have no negative connotations for anyone although these groups did do harm by destroying propertyp 702 authors show support for banning of books and speechp 720 world meddler not world leaderp 720 1975 BASIC computer language invented by Bill Gates hahap 735 social conservatives may rightly decry no fault divorce but it is better than the alternative that is the state forcing people to stay together denying freedom of association or even freedom to exit a contract first settling debts of course in some reasonable way based on contributionsp 816 no mention of the PATRIOT act an extremely inconvenient infringement on liberty for neocons let s just ignore itp 829 they conclude with faith in majoritanism and infringement of individual rights unfortunately would they had promoted liberty