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  • Hardcover
  • 352
  • The Great Forgetting
  • James Renner
  • English
  • 09 February 2018
  • 9780374298791

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Read & download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â James Renner The Great Forgetting Download ✓ 100 James Renner â 0 Free download Has gone missingSoon Jack is pulled into the search for Tony but the only one who seems to know anything is Tony's last patient a paranoid boy named Cole Jack must team up with Cole to follow Tony's trail and maybe save the world Their journey will lead them to Manhattan and secret facilities buried under the. What starts out as an intriguing mystery novel eventually turns into a devilishly wild ride of conspiracy theory SF and this simple statement does nothing to explain just how CRAZY it ll get I m a very big fan of cross genre fiction and this one really fits the bill in a big big way The mystery is clever and engaging and fascinatingly strange but what really struck my fancy was just how good the characters are So much has happened in their lives and just getting to the point of the next reveal kept me glued to the page These aren t even big reveals just character reveals and yet because Jack kept digging this whole book took on a fantastic dimension that just got deeper and deeper as we find out about Tony and Cole and the way the human mind can be a real nutter The whole book is a gradient It starts you out with the small stuff and as you get acclimated it gets steeper and steeper into nutter land I m just glad I already boil all my water Of course that may be because I drink little than coffee and tea but you know how it is I avoid my Flouride in my water From there however I can t and won t spoil you but if you re a conspiracy theory nut yourself do yourself a favor and read this little gem of a novel Take a bag of your favorite theories shake them around take three handfuls of them and now toss them in the air Make connections Build a story around them where they all fit together Now read this book How closely do they matchNot close enough Fine Add another handful of theories and build another story Closer YES lolI can t believe the author got away with everything he did The mystery connections were set up with some real brilliance And this my friends became one hell of a great SF With one caveat I debated knocking off a star for the slightly unsatisfying ending but the whole ride of the rest of the novel was so strong and fascinating that I simply couldn t do that I had a really great time For those who ve already read it I liked the Prologue fine It was the big action scene at the end and the immediate results of it but not related to he who must not be named Maybe I just wanted something different to happenBut everything else I went fanboy all over it Thanks goes to the author for a physical copy of this book It was a real blast

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The Great Forgetting

Read & download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â James Renner The Great Forgetting Download ✓ 100 James Renner â 0 Free download Jack Felter a history teacher returns home to bucolic Franklin Mills Ohio to care for his father a retired pilot who suffers from dementia and is uickly losing his memory Jack would love to forget about Franklin Mills and about Sam the girl he fell in love with who ran off with his best friend Tony Except Tony. Find all of my reviews at this came out yesterday and it s amazing so it gets a bump Don t like it Life is long Longer than we allow ourselves to remember Understatement of the year I motherf ing LOVED this Holy hell Where do I begin Okay so The Great Forgetting grabs you right from the cover So appealing to the eye so understated so perfect Then you open it and discover it s totally un put down able and that it s also one of those books where anything you say about it might be considered too much Which leaves a Kelly and Mitchell combo who have looked pretty much like this ever since finishing the book on Saturday The basics are our MC Jack is a history teacher who plans to spend his summer vacation giving his sister a much needed break from dealing with their father who is uickly fading away due to dementia It doesn t take long for Jack to catch up on small town gossip mainly that his old bestie Tony who also happens to be his high school sweetheart Sam s husband has gone missing Reluctantly Jack agrees to help track down his old friend which leads him to one of Tony s former psychiatric patients a boy named Cole who will attempt to open Jack s eyes to the truth of The Great Forgetting Then Sometimes I get the feeling that none of this is right So much mindblowing Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that s all I can tell you Okay well maybe not alllll This book is smart Like wicked smart But don t let that intimidate you Renner has done a great job of providing a cast of characters that are all Average Joes While they find themselves put in spectacular circumstances they are people with not genius Is so you never get lost in the crazy that is being thrown at you Renner also does something that normally I hate he inundates the reader with the present Now this may end up being a novel that doesn t uite stand the test of time but for today Right now This sonofabitch WORKS If you re into conspiracy theories and a story that stays on eleven for the duration The Great Forgetting is not one to be missed Be prepared to uestion everything Oh and make sure to get your foil hat fitted before even beginning Every star there is to starAlright Review over now for the full disclosure BS I never had contact with James Renner until he personally messaged me and asked if I would like to review his new book Turns out he saw my review of The Man From Primrose Lane which all of you should immediately read because the man ain t no one hit wonder and didn t despise my giffy style SUCK IT GIF HATERS Upon receiving said message I was very grateful to have stocked up on my supply of and proceeded to run around the house screaming about how awesome I am to my non book loving family who haven t yet figured out that I m kind of a big deal I should probably float my reviews all day every day freuently in order to break into the Top 5 of the fake popularity contest Whatevs Anyway to make a long story even longer endless thanks to Mr Renner and to Trudi who turned me on to his work in the first place I can t wait to see what your crazy brain comes up with next

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Read & download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â James Renner The Great Forgetting Download ✓ 100 James Renner â 0 Free download Catskills and eventually to a forgotten island in the Pacific the final destination of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370When Jack learns the details about the program known as the Great Forgetting he's faced with the timeless uestion Is it better to forget our greatest mistake or to remember so it's never repeated. Judge for yourself its believability and then try to tell yourself no matter where you may be it couldn t happen here Carl Kolchak from THE NIGHT STALKER movieHoly Cowwhat did I just read THE GREAT FORGETTING blew my mind Author James Renner really puts the hammer down with conspiracy theories well drawn characters and thrill ride like pacing in this uniue and original novel I also loved how he paid homage to such a vast array of pop culture books and history in his story telling SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEADWithin these pages you will find DB Cooper THE DEADLIEST CATCH tv show plus Captain Phil The Koch brothers 12 Angry Men FAHRENHEIT 451 and even the classic Saturday morning TV show LANCELOT LINK SECRET CHIMP end spoiler Not to mention a host of other cool stuff If Ernest Cline teamed up with Douglas Preston Lincoln Child the result might very well be something like THE GREAT FORGETTING This story was reminiscent of the old NIGHT STALKER series and even so probably could have been made into an X FILES movie Just a fantastic readI don t know exactly when I was in this office last Some ways it seems like I never left But no that s not right For at least a few days I was away far away in the hands of men with no faces and no names They broke me down broke my story down telling me how it hadn t happened the way I claimed At least that s what I think they did between injections Memories fade fast enough without chemical help but if I don t tell this story now I don t think I ever will Carl Kolchak from Mr RING