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  • 07 January 2020
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Read & Download Poltergeist Greywalker #2 104 R's investigation reveals something else entirely they've succeeded And when one of the group's members is killed in a brutal and inexplicable fashion Harper must determine whether the killer is the ghost itself or someone all too huma. This book was painful to read It drug on and on The story had a good premise but it could have been told in half the time I felt like the same story was being told over and over every time she went to interview a different person just when you thought you might be getting a good story from someone you were off to someone else Too many characters without enough character development The most intriguing characters were the bookstore owner and her family but I feel like their role in this book was mainly to build them up for another story This book just didn t pull the me in I was bored and I don t think I ll waste my time on another Greywalker bookThe first book was much better

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Read & Download Poltergeist Greywalker #2 104 Sorts of strange casesIn the days leading up to Halloween Harper's been hired by a university research group that is attempting to create an artificial poltergeist The head researcher suspects someone is faking the phenomena but Harpe. Real rating 35 stars Kat Richardson is hitting her stride as a writer and I found I enjoyed this book than her last book Harper is a PI hired to find someone undermining a scientific experiment on creating a ghost The psychologist hiring her doesn t know that Harper can actually see into the world of the paranormal There s an interesting cast of side characters from the college professor and witch who help her with her skills to her mysterious friend uinton to Phoebe bookstore owner The mystery underneath drives the story and kept me guessing Although I enjoy urban fantasy the ghostparanormal is not my favorite area of interest but I just skimmed some of the longer explanations of the paranormal world The resolution was satisfying without being expected or entirely satisfactory for the heroine Although Harper is new to the paranormal she is trying to learn and understand of how it works I ll be looking for the next installment

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Read & Download Poltergeist Greywalker #2 104 Harper Blaine was your average small time PI until she died for two minutes Now she's a Greywalker walking the thin line between the living world and the paranormal realm And she's discovering that her new abilities are landing her all. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI d like to start this review off by first saying that I m not 100% sure whether it s the narration or the story that s making me consistently rate this series 3 stars so you might want to take my thoughts with a grain of salt until I figure that one out Anyway I think that I enjoyed this installment slightly less than its predecessor on account of all the psycho babble lengthy experiment explanations I felt like I was back in college listening to a professor drone on about a subject I couldn t have cared less about Kat Richardson s approach to the paranormal seems to be largely academic in nature and I m not convinced that that writing style is well suited for the Urban Fantasy genreOne of the aspects that I enjoyed the most about GREYWALKER was Ben and Mara s supe 101 sessions with Harper yet they seem to have almost completely vanished in this installment I m not sure how much time has elapsed between novels I may have missed it in the earlier chapters but it can t be than a couple of months and I found that Blaine s grasp of her newfound abilities was far too advanced for book 2 She s also suddenly full out dating Will and in a long distance relationship no less after only a few weeks Again I m not clear on the time frame but it just felt off to me I had to double check to make sure that POLTERGEIST was indeed the second installment in this seriesI enjoyed the whodunit murder mystery even though I did find that it was a little too predictable because the suspect pool was restricted to the experiment participants I also liked learning some of the tricks on the trade when Richardson explores how certain illusions are created it s clear that a lot of research went into this novel uinton is probably one of my favourite characters to date and I was satisfied with the role he played in this story as well as Phoebe Mason s She s a new addition and I look forward to reconnecting with her in future installments Will on the other hand I honestly don t see his appeal and hope that Harper dumps his ass ASAPThe narration was somewhat improved when compared to the previous audiobook I thought that Mia Barron s Jamaican accent was well done and her baby voice wasn t half bad either although too much of it would have definitely given me a headache But to be fair any 2 year old talking in my ear nonstop would so that means that her performance was authentic Barron s portrayal of the vampire characters was still too over the top for my tastes especially where Carlos was concerned he came across as Count Dracula than evil undead masterIn short my struggles with this series continue and if something doesn t start to click soon I may be calling it uits POLTERGEIST felt like a crime novel with paranormal elements mixed in than it did an Urban Fantasy which might be the crux of my problems with Harper Blaine