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  • Hardcover
  • 358
  • Up Till Now The Autobiography
  • William Shatner
  • English
  • 22 August 2020
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Up Till Now The Autobiography characters ä 5 S a Shakespearean actor to his time on Broadway his movie career and his TV series. This book was William Shatner s autobiography I completely enjoyed this It made my morning cruise right along William Shatner is kind of charming in an eccentric great uncle kind of way It was a fun read He was funny in his narcissism He has had so many varied experiences through out his career What I enjoyed the most was his humor He poked fun at others as well as himself I also liked the tender way he talked about his family

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Up Till Now The Autobiography characters ä 5 Deprecating 'Up Till Now' reveals the highs and lows of that life from training a. William Shatner has consistently made me happy since I was a little kid and this book was no exception It was every bit as exuberant ridiculous sentimental and pure batshit crazy as I expected I salute Mr Shatner for bringing me joy on even the dreariest six hour train journey I also salute his co writer who must have had a hell of a job getting the essence of Shat onto the page without losing his own marbles in the process

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Up Till Now The Autobiography characters ä 5 William Shatner has been a working actor for than half a century Humorous and self. Shatner is often a self absorbed ass but I think that can be said of most of us He s not only like that in real life but plays one on TV so the impression is hammered home Yes he even admits Denny Crane is just an overblown version of himself No I don t think he had to add much air But like most of us that s not all he is In this somewhat wandering assortment of anecdotes he does a great job telling us about the man behind the screen Listening to it as an audio book was fantastic His odd informal style was great Hey you ve made it to chapter 3 was good but sudden breaks to commercials pimping a Star Trek action figure on his or his daughter s web site was actually funny Telling me I can find a copy of one of his worst movies for a penny on was hilarious And the anecdotes were wonderful There were a lot of them they strayed all over the chronology sometimes to the detriment of the overall story but still entertainingMy first impression of Shatner was as a little kid watching him in Nightmare at 20000 Feet an episode from the last season of the Twilight Zone I d never list him as an A list actor but he s memorable I wasn t impressed John Wayne was my style at that age Worse John Wayne was always John Wayne The Duke I didn t get the episode so when I saw Shatner a few years later starring as Captain Kirk I had to drastically shift my perception of him He s the first actor I remember having to do that forMy wife I are both fans of Star Trek She had one of Leonard Nimoy s LPs when we got married We listened to it together once but we don t pay much attention the entertainment industry We re interested in their final creations not what they do in their personal life Still even the rock I live under wasn t enough to completely block out all the criticisms of Shatner Wil Wheaton mentions how Shatner crushed him as a young star in Next Generation in his book of short stories Dancing Barefoot I can believe it I doubt Shatner meant to be mean or thought it was a big deal He s too self absorbed This incident isn t mentioned in this book at all I heard how Doohan Scotty Koenig Chekov hated Shatner why Shatner s take on it puts some perspective on the situation that is needed IMO He makes no excuses but they do take a picture together that s pretty tellingShatner always impressed me as an actor who would do any damn thing clown prostitute or what I never really knew or thought about it much but apparently some have He says he d do any damn thing makes no apologies for it He had a mortgage to pay 3 kids to feed a hell of a work ethic he loves his work the entire industry So sure he d do anything he s made some whopping mistakes but they often turned out not to be in the long run It s great how some turned around to help him decades later how he can make fun of those that didn t Hey it seemed like a good idea at the time So did running after an elephant one night in his underwear in the jungle with a man eating lion around Obviously he s impetuous adventurous than I am CoolI had to shift my perceptions of him again when I found out where he came from what his early jobs were an inner city Jew from Montreal who played a lot of comedic roles Shakespeare In many ways his early life was similar to Kirk Douglas I think he s aged better though Shatner still has a child like sense of wonder joy in exploring the world where Douglas has retreated into religion family Maybe it s their ageI loved the bits about his horses He mentions how the cost of buying the horse is often the least expensive part then goes on to uickly list all the other expenses Although I don t think he meant to be funny I found his deadpan uick recitation hilarious so true It s a list any true horseman can will rattle off to those who say something stupid like free horse or It must cost a lot to feed him Right We wishAll in all it was a great way to spend the weekend mowing the lawn fields listening to Shatner tell me his life story That s the way it felt too Highly recommended