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  • 14 August 2020
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Star Wars Summary õ 109 Harassed by rebel attacks One of these raids ends in disaster Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian are shot down over the former Imperial City When news reaches Han Solo and L. This audiobook has some very good voices for the characters seen in the OT Except Boba Fett EwwwwwOverall though the adaptation was done wellIt s 6 years after ANH After dealing with Thrawn Luke has crashed on Coruscant and is scrounging through some of the underworld of Imperial City Han Luke Chewie 3PO search for him only to see him under the effects of a holocron developed by PalpatineThe Imperials threaten the New Republic as well as themselves Still there are some battles of which Han is getting tired of Lando is than happy to help though especially for one that is in Mon Calamari spaceLuke begins falling to the Dark Side to learn why Anakin fell He ends up in a Dark Force cage which is presented with very science fiction noises It was awesome He finds the Emperor s clone who ends up helping him lead the Empire s forcesIt s very weird that Leia doesn t know about Nal Hutta It s almost as weird hearing Han say pepperHan and Leia are chased off Nal Hutta by bounty hunters and the Hutts They head to the inner core to help LukeDisc 2 began very strangeHan s ex and friend are unable to help him and Leia escape Fortunately Luke begins to break the Emperor s hold on him Unfortunately the Emperor attempts to lure Leia with a Jedi holocronand then tries to take control of the child in her womb

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Star Wars Summary õ 109 Six years after Return of the Jedi the Rebel Alliance has established a New Republic over three fourths of the galaxy The surviving Imperial forces are torn by civil war and. A good audiobook The voice acting and sound effects were great I really like the concept and ideas For its actual execution the story was decent enough for what it was but I wish the plot focused on Luke s development and less on the others As for pacing while Leia and Hans felt perfect however Luke s side of the story felt rather rushed to me Also I think Palpatine was a bit too truthful and straightforward instead of being manipulative and cunning Overall though the ideas this story contained were cool

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Star Wars Summary õ 109 Eia Organa they rush to the rescue along with Wookiee Chewbacca and droid C 3PO of course But there's something else rushing toward the Imperial Citysomething that wants Luke. and we all thought that the star wars experiment was over not so two books and i am calling it a series i think this book might be where the next series picks up but really i have no idea