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  • Wonder Woman Volume 1
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  • 06 October 2020
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Greg Rucka · 6 Read

characters Wonder Woman Volume 1 Summary ¼ Wonder Woman Volume 1 106 Greg Rucka · 6 Read CRISIS Drew Johnson SUPERGIRL Shane Davis SUPERMAN EARTH ONE and for the start of his legendary run on the title as Wonder Woman stands against mortal foes and faces the machinations of the gods themselvesCollects the highly sought after WONDER WOMAN THE HIKETEIA and WONDER WOMAN #195 20. The volume starts off with Wonder Woman The Hiketeia which I ve separately rated 4 starsThe rest of this volume WW issues 195 205 was good but not great Mostly because you have a lot of people talking about why they love Wonder Woman and why she s important to them but you don t get to see why for yourself This story happens around Diana as opposed to happening to herOne person this story happens to is Jonah a new legal aid to Princess Diana Ambassador for Themyscira The story starts out weirdly by mentioning a 32000 yearly salary which is so laughable for New York and for a lawyer Anyway Jonah meeting Superman was cute but his flying session with Diana was notThe cover the meeting with the book editors scene for Diana s book was as horrible and as sexually exploitive as Rucka meant it to be I know he s making a point which is why he mentioned Jonah s salary above but it seems to be a little heavy handed and without finesse Because I m new to Wonder Woman

characters Wonder Woman Volume 1

Wonder Woman Volume 1

characters Wonder Woman Volume 1 Summary ¼ Wonder Woman Volume 1 106 Greg Rucka · 6 Read When an ancient ritual reuires Wonder Woman to protect a young woman from anyone who threatens her it pits the Warrior against her Justice League ally BatmanAnd while an array of enemies including Silver Swan and the dangerous than ever Dr Psycho attack Wonder Woman on all fronts it’s. Greg Rucka s run on Wonder Woman is one of the most critically acclaimed and highly lauded as the definitive take on Diana Of course I ve never read it because I wasn t into DC at the time But now DC have kindly decided to reprint his run in two trade paperbacks starting with this oneWe open with the Hiketeia original graphic novel which sees Diana defend a fugitive from any foe including Batman This establishes Wonder Woman s morals and her loyalty as well as letting her beat Batman up which is always nice Rucka s knowledge of Greek mythology plays well into the story here as well as in the ongoing series after thisI think we probably could have done with a Currently in Wonder Woman page after the Hitekeia and before the issues of the series themselves because getting up to speed on Diana s current status uo takes a little while as well as some of the backstory about the villains she s going to be fighting especially Silver Swan who has an emotional conn

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characters Wonder Woman Volume 1 Summary ¼ Wonder Woman Volume 1 106 Greg Rucka · 6 Read The publication of Princess Diana’s book that opens her to an assault by a new and deadly foe – the malevolent Veronica Cale – and places Wonder Woman’s island homeland of Themyscira in grave dangerBest selling writer Greg Rucka DETECTIVE COMICS teams with artists JG Jones FINAL. So this volume contains an original graphic novel Hiketeia as well as the first two trades of Rucka s serial run on Wonder Woman apparently highly praised and held as one of the essential runs on the character Well I think it blowsWell I m not being totally fair because Hiketeia is actually great I ve read it before and now read it again and both times it was a blast It s fast paced has an interesting conflict between Diana and Batman and is overall a great read with nice artwork It is also a good stand alone story for new readers That one I highly recommendSadly though what comes after Hiketeia is an excruciating snoozefest of a story that is also extremely light on Wonder Woman What you do get is eleven issues of dudes working in Diana s political team because she is apparently an ambassador of something or whatnot talking about politics and stuff You see Diana just wrote a book about how she is a feminist and a vegetarian so that s obviously a big scanda