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  • Hardcover
  • 304
  • Bonechiller
  • Graham McNamee
  • English
  • 22 January 2020
  • 9780385746588

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Bonechiller Read & Download Ï 104 S the worst winter in years One night running in the dark Danny is attacked by a creature so strange and terrifying he tries to convince himself he was hallucinating Then he learns about Native American legends of a m. Review by Jake KirkBonechiller is freaky in an awesome way The book is much like a horror movie but avoids all of the cliches Our protagonist Danny is a regular guy with a troubled past His father keeps moving him from town to town attempting to escape their nightmare by moving further away from societyOne night while walking home he s assaulted by a hideous beast that stings him but then leaves him for no reason He soon finds out that his situation is dangerous and the stakes higher than he ever thoughtAs I said earlier Bonechiller takes all the best parts of horror and amputates cliches such as the shriveling mutilated infectious mass that is the dumb blond in high heels It s a clever adventure that you won t want to put downThe writing really sets the tone with heavy use of personification that makes it feel as if everything in the surrounding environment is alive and watching One part was so intense and freaky that I actually re adjusted my seating so nothing could get behind meThe cold bitter isolated setting becomes a character in it s own right As for the human characters they were engaging and intelligent I was rooting for Danny and his friends all the wayMcNamee delivers a rapid pace then cleverly slows it at perfectly placed moments so you re not overwhelmed by the scary intense parts But don t get comfy because in no time your off on another wild ride SEXUAL CONTENT There s a budding romance between our protagonist and his tough but pretty tomboy friend Only some mild making out takes place This is adventurehorror than romance COVER I like it It s simple and you get the sense of cold isolation and danger from some shadowy monsterBOTTOM LINE Intense fast pace thriller with smart characters eerie setting and an engaging plot If you want something that will freak you out and suck you in Bonechiller delivers Just be sure to keep the lights on

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Bonechiller Read & Download Ï 104 Onster that's haunted the lake for a thousand years And that every generation in the coldest winters kids have disappeared into the night People think they ran awayDanny knows better Because now the beast is after him. The reader gets to experience some encounters with the beast but most of the encounters took place in the past In the beginning of the story Danny has a confrontation with the beast which opens his eyes to this new world Near the middle of the story one of Danny s close friends Howie becomes very sick and they find out that it was again the workings of the beast We came to find that this beast was injecting his victims with a sort of venom that did mysterious things to their minds and bodies so that it could take them and kill them for its own purposes The majority of the book deals with how Danny and his friends will escape andor beat the wrath of the beast Near the beginning Danny encountered the beast He was afraid to tell his friends about the beast because at first he didn t believe it himself Eventually he did tell them although he knew that they would not believe him When Danny s friend Howie was attacked though the situation was taken much seriously because Howie is of a uiet reserved type When Danny encountered the beast the description was very intimidating and unbelievable Further into the book the entire group of friends encountered the beast in a rescue mission to try and save Danny and Howie When Danny was attacked he had a feeling that he was in great danger but because the situation was so surreal he didn t believe that he could be in any danger However after Howie was attacked everyone had done some research and had found some very interesting information about past disappearances and out of sort actions from these disappeared people Danny and Howie knowing what they are dealing with are well aware that they are in grave danger but the rest of the group took some time to get on board This story has a somewhat visceral reaction to the storyline Readers will feel anxious or nervous for the characters in the book because the author does a great job at creating emotional bonds between the characters and the reader Not knowing where the beast is and who he will strike next definitely plays a large part in how the reader reacts The reader will most likely be most afraid for the characters when the characters encounter this beast because of the great detail the author is able to insert I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read horror stories with super natural twists Because of the beast and its intentions anyone that doesn t enjoy super natural stories but rather realistic storylines should steer away from this story

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Bonechiller Read & Download Ï 104 WELCOME TO NOWHEREDanny's dad takes a job as caretaker at a marina on the shore of a vast frozen lake in Harvest Cove a tiny town tucked away in Canada's Big Empty If you're looking for somewhere to hide this is itIt'. Bonechiller was a uick but satisfying read Our protagonist is a young man who is still dealing with the death of his mother from brain cancer He was very close to her and her death has sent him and his father on the run from place to place to escape the grief of her passing Lately they have landed in an small town in Canada in the deep of arctic winter He befriends fellow travelers military brats Pike Howie and Ash Pike and Howie are two brothers named after weapons Howie being short for Howlitzer and Ash is a half Ojibwa girl who is a boxer and Danny s crush Danny s just taking it day to day enduring the extreme cold and the weight of grief that is almost too much to carry Soon he will face a creature from his worst nightmares a monster who marks him for a future mealThat s when things start to get weird What kind of monster is stalking Danny We don t really find out All that we know is that he s ancient preying on many many teens over the years He stings them injecting them with a venom that changes them making them cold from the inside out and allowing it to penetrate their dreams until they give up and come to him to be devoured Danny thinks he s all alone in what he has seen and survived until the monster attacks his friend Howie Howie is the brains in his family He investigates to find out what they are facing and how to destroy it I liked the surreality of the dreams that Danny and Howie must wade through and escape to prevent the monster from taking them as it had countless others But time is running outI thought this was a very good book I liked how short and brisk the writing style was It conveyed much with an economy of words McNamee managed to make this story both supernaturalmonster horror and a coming of age story about a boy who watched his mother succumb to a brain tumor When I read these young adult books I always appreciate the strength of young people to deal with what seems like far too much on their young plates In this case Danny suffered through the death of his mother and her drawn out illness from the cancer treatments and now he has to deal with the fact that a monster is changing him into a popsicle so that it can eat him That seems like a double whammy to meI liked the portrayal of friendship between the uartet and the growing romantic relationship between Danny and Ash Ash is a tomboy through and through She boxes goes hunting and fishing and knows guns better than Danny He freely admits she can kick his butt and he thinks it s sexy I loved that Danny appreciated Ash for what she was and vice versa Pike was an interesting character very gun and ordnance crazy He liked to set things on fire shoot them or blow them up His talents come in handy when they face off with the monster I liked how Howie was the resident geekgenius His research skills prove invaluable The friendship that these four teens shared spoke to me They accepted each other for who they were and united to face the threat that two of them faced The fifth important character besides the monster is the arctic Canadian wilderness Below zero temperatures and extended dark hours every day is no joke and it made for fascinating reading to see how people faced this kind of environment and went about their daily lives No snow days for themAll the pieces of this story come together to form a successful whole with Bonechiller It was a uniue idea and it was well executed I still have some uestions about the nature of the monster but we don t always get all the answers in life It was good enough to watch these brave teens face and conuer this threat and to see Danny and also his dad start on the road to emotional healing from his mother s passing