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characters ë Sara Chambers Book 7 E Vatican and meeting with the Pope There she learns of the Unholy Grail and meets Viking hunk Sven Before departing Pope Isaac offers Sara a blessing baptizing her with his holy water and gratefully receiving her blessings in return Sara and Sven travel to Jerusalem where she takes a liking to the muscular Templar and teaches him a thing or two about sex he never learned from life in a religious order In the mountains of the Negev Sara and Sven search for the Unh.

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characters ë Sara Chambers Book 7 Sara Chambers joins with the Knights Templar on a uest to locate the dangerous Unholy Grail Sara's grandfather has revealed that he is one of the ageless Knights Templar protecting the Holy Grail and other important artifacts from evil Now she is enlisted to help the Knights Templar find the Unholy Grail an artifact so dangerous that it might be used by the Xerxes Group to awaken ancient gods Sara gives ravenous succubus Circe a chance to feed before heading to th.

characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Amanda Clover

characters ë Sara Chambers Book 7 Oly Grail and evade traps left by the Xerxes Group Will Sara and Sven find the evil grail What other pleasures will they find in each other's company Will Baxter get to draw another reward from the fish bowl for helping find the grail These uestions and are answered in this naughty installment of Sara Chambers Treasure Hunter This 15000 word journey from the Vatican to Jerusalem finding pleasures along the way and facing deadly foes in the uest for the Unholy Grai.

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