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  • Sea Change
  • James Powlik
  • English
  • 24 October 2019
  • 9780440235088

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characters Sea Change ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Read & Download Sea Change Earching for a killer in the water Renegade oceanographer Brock Garner is at the center of the storm He wants to know why he's finding dead zones in the Pacificand why his best friend's heart stopped after he examined ravaged sea lions on a beach Dr Ellie Bridges on duty when the little girl died has uestions of her own Throw. I didn t really dislike this book but I didn t much enjoy it either The story is definitely the draw for this book The characters are flat and very uninteresting which robs the story of some of its power Several characters meet gruesome deaths but because they were unappealing flat and boring I didn t care A reviewer called this book an expert riff on the classic monster horror novel and I d have to agree And while the story is pretty interesting it would have been much powerful much scarier if the characters had been developedCharacterization is almost nonexistent Cardboard cutout charactersPossible Read A Likes Thrillers by Preston Child The hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy although Clancy s book is much better written

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Sea Change

characters Sea Change ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Read & Download Sea Change BENEATH THE CALM SURFACE A DEADLY TERROR AWAITSIn the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest two fishermen are the first to feel the heat Then a young girl playing innocently by the seashore before dying an agonizing death Now the media have a story Reporters scientists and government officials are descending on the coastline s. Thrillers with an oceanic twist invariably end up being amongst my favorite It s an admittedly small sub genre and one that I greatly enjoy Powlik s addition to the sub genre is a thrilling one The plot holds plenty of excitement and the characters come to life above the stock character genre level There s a definite effort here to give it a solidly scientific tone with a strong attention to detail which unfortunately can slow the overall pacing down at times There is one major gaping hole in the plot regarding this Pfisteria but it sounds like Powlik s second book Meltdown is a seuel so hopefully these loose ends will be addressed All in all it s a fun read with entertaining characters and an exciting storyline I definitely enjoyed Frank Schatzing s The Swarm but Powlik s novel is a lot stronger than Dave Freedman s Natural Selection I definitely plan on keeping my eye out for the seuel

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characters Sea Change ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Read & Download Sea Change N together in the chaos Brock and Ellie are about to uncover some disturbing truths about a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions that is growing Gathering strength And moving unless they can stop it south toward a new victim Seattle SEA CHANGEEXCITINGWILL KEEP READERS OUT OF THE WATER AND ON THE BEACH READING THEIR EYES OU. I still can t decideWas this one Sea Change inspired by Der Schwarm from Sch tzing or likely was the Schwarm inspired by this oneThey re just TOO similarIt s not as bombastic You could say It s the Swarm without tsunamis and a bit well grounded biologyThe characters are as cheesy as Sch tzings but thankfuly it s a good deal shorter and therefore cut out most of that greasy pathos that Sch tzing has uite overdoneAdditionally Powlik is an actual biologist maritime biologist at that and not an advertiser like Sch tzing or me g That just might be the reason for the better book this one not being as successful as The Swarm by far gA nice re read on the whole when you re read all those hundreds of other books on the shelf