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Stealth by Karen Miller Characters · 100 Ith General Grievous for the planet Kothlis Anakin has a mission that will focus his anxious mind Alongside Obi Wan Kenobi he is posing as a long lost native of Lanteeb an impoverished world on the Outer Rim This seemingly unimportant planet has drawn the interest of the Seps and Anakin and Obi Wan soon discover the disturbing reason A sc. Just gotta re read these and Wild Space every so often to fully ground myself in the Obi Wan and Anakin Dynamic This duology has everything Obi Wan and Anakin being so in sync that they re literally almost one person Obi Wan and Anakin being so at odds that they are mere inches from killing one another Ahsoka having her own adventure A continuation of the Bail OrganaObi Wan friendship from Wild Space War crimes Yoda being REAL shady Some highlights The legendary BailPadmeAnakinObi Wan dinner party The charming domesticity is matched only by the intense awkwardness caused by the web of lies almost everyone knows about but can t acknowledge out loud Also it s VERY funny to think about how this occasion would have looked to Leia had she known about it All the post Zigoola symptoms that Obi Wan refuses to acknowledge Honestly I do really like Taria Damsin even though she s a little bit of a cool Jedi and her existence adds to the ever growing ranks of Obi Wan s many love interests Anakin s mechanic skills JUMP out in this book from him literally re designing the Republic s line of Venator class cruisers to him flying a ground speeder that s not even built to fly ALL THE USES OF THE FORCE You really get to see how the Jedi live their lives submerged in it Obi Wan hurting himself by acting a whole lot Slytherin than his true nature wants him to act Outsider POV Bant ena Fhernan s evaluation of Anakin and Obi Wan is SO interesting to me both their personalities and their unearthly Jedi abilities The way she sees both of them is fascinating Anakin The Jedi are a lot of things but family isn t one of themObi Wan neutrally I seeAnakin WAIT NO that s not what I MEANT Anakin Skywalker Jedi Temple Distance Force Leap Record Holder Obi Wan s acting skills Why is he so good at pretending to be a yokel but when he goes to settle on Tatooine everybody within 100 miles knows that he s some kind of a fugitive stranger within 2 days What I refer to as The Bant ena Fight but what is really just Anakin and Obi Wan s eternal basic difference They have been fighting this fight since the day Anakin became Obi Wan s apprentice and continue to fight it until Mustafar Anakin is compassionate and right about the hypocrisy of the Jedi Obi Wan is pragmatic and right about the danger Anakin puts himself in by allowing his issues to run rampant over his self control It s a huge vital expression of characterization and it s just such a mess They are both caught in a cycle of trying to reach out to each other and not being able to Working without Anakin was like working half blind

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Stealth by Karen Miller Characters · 100 Planet by planet darkness creeps across the galaxy Among warriors and generals among ordinary beings living in far flung worlds the fear will not go away We are losing this war Anakin Skywalker feels it too The Separatist Alliance with ruthlessness and treachery is beating the Republic to every strategic target But after a costly clash w. No matter how bleak things got or how tempted they were to despair light would prevail over darkness The Clone Wars rages on and Obi Wan and Anakin continue to lead the front line assaults against the Separatist But information is coming in of an operation on Lanteeb Under the nose of Chancellor Palpatine Bail Organa and Master Yoda send Obi Wan and Anakin to investigateI LikedOne thing that has continued to astound me about Karen Miller is her grasp on major characters When Anakin and Obi Wan are in her hands they act and feel like the characters from the movie Anakin is perfectly tortured adept and caring while Obi Wan is nicely struggling with his own set of issues being a bad master his relationship to Anakin and being somewhat aloofWhat is even better is how Karen Miller writes the pair together The movies never uite got the supposed joking but tender relationship between the pair Here it is obvious the two are brothers in arms yet they have differences of opinions that uite freuently due to Anakin s impetuous nature and Obi Wan s sedate nature causes them to butt heads I could believe that these two could joke then argue but then be pals all at the same timeI am also impressed with Miller s grasp of Ahsoka and Bail Ahsoka has always been rather annoying to me from the movie and the TV series But Miller writes her as a caring young na ve apprentice and not the know it all Mary Sue from the show Plus I really liked how Ahsoka went on a mission with Taria Damsin Bail is positively brilliant He continues to leap from the page and become a real person a real friend to Obi Wan and a friend to the JediAnd while I have caveats about it see below I actually don t mind the new addition to the list of Obi Wan s girlfriends I see no reason why our Jedi couldn t have had multiple liaisons in his life many people have than one boyfriendgirlfriend Heck many people get married and remarried and married and remarried Plus the Jedi only condemn attachment unfortunately not a No strings attached relationshipI was astonished at how well Miller wrote the beginning action seuence on Kothlis A lot of writers have one niche be it characters or action and they can t move out of it Miller does a great job capturing the characters and the movement of the battle as well It was great to read a nice Clone Wars battle I even liked how Bail Padme Obi Wan and Anakin gather over dinner to talk about Lanteeb There are far too many secret meetings hurried transmissions or whatnot that seeing our characters act like people was greatI Didn t LikeAs for Miller s original characters I had a hard time buying them Taria Damsin wasn t too bad but she comes perilously close to Mary Sue for my taste abnormal hair color abnormal eye color nearly human alien dying of an illness that doesn t hinder her abilities whatsoever a former romantic partner of Obi WanI could go on Perhaps toning down a few of her characteristics making her be obviously alien let her illness actually pull her down and make her fail making her and Obi Wan rivals as well as former lovers might have improved thisThe other original character was Bant era Fharen who is supposedly a super smart biochemist I say supposedly because I could never buy that aspect of her Firstly I don t think she was described that well as I thought she was yet another mid 20 s Hollywood scientist but she actually was a middle aged scientist Also and I know this is a problem for writers I ve experienced it myself but the way Bant era talks about her sciency stuff sounds like a person trying to act sciency than a person who has studied and experimented with science for years Not to mention I find her than a wee bit selfish for putting herself and twelve people over billionsI must admit this book had me bored to tears at times After the intense action at the beginning the book slows down and segues into a Coruscant scene While it is nicely done and has a nice dinner seuence with Anakin Padme Bail and Obi Wan it just grinds the story to a halt The pace doesn t uite return until Taria and Ahsoka rescue one of Bant era s family members which is about 50 pages from the end Not a good signAlso I was aware of the angsting in this book and thus I had trouble enjoying aspects While Obi Wan and Anakin s relationship is superb they sometimes break into fights or discussions that overstay their welcome Yes we get they argue but love each other Move on The most aggravating thing to me was how everyone and I mean everyone commented on how tired Obi Wan was and how he should get some rest and how Obi Wan would always deny it and avoid it Good grief I can understand once or twice but to have Anakin then Yularen then Ahsoka then Yoda then Bail then Padme bring it upyou get my driftDialogueSexual SituationsViolenceBarve there were a lot of barving instances of barve in this bookTaria was a former lover of Obi Wan Anakin and Padme have an intimate moment at dinner no it s not that intimateThe book begins with a battle seuence on Kothlis that results in several characters including Obi Wan being injured Lok Durd abuses Bant era and threatens her familyOverallAfter the brilliant Wild Space Clone Wars Gambit Stealth doesn t uite live up There is a bit too much angsting too much pushing characters beyond the edge of their physical strength too little movement in plot and action particularly at the halfway point and a little too unbelievable characters Even with these faults this is much better than a lot of EU and I will definitely check out the end of this two part series Siege

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Stealth by Karen Miller Characters · 100 Ientist enslaved by General Lok Durd is drawing on Lanteeb’s one natural resource for a devastating bioweapon Now Anakin and Obi Wan have entered the eye of a storm Their presence has been exposed Lok Durd’s plans unveiled and a fight has begun for survival behind enemy lines and a chance of winning a war that must be fought at any co. I am enjoying how Miller fleshes out the character of Obi Wan Also how she and other authors flesh out Anakin s fall to the Dark Side In this book you see the attachments and emotions that drive that fall If you are a Star Wars dork like I am this is a great read