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Robert E Lee characters ↠ 0 Roy Blount Jr. Ê 0 Free read Read Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê Roy Blount Jr. Bition and courage but also his humility and humor and his sorrowful sense of responsibility for his outnumbered outgunned half starved army Robert E Lee the first succinct biography of this American legend will appeal to history and military buffs proud Southerners and every reader curious to discover the man behind the military leader. I recently watched Ken Burns series on the Civil War and was inspired to learn about some of the key players Lee is wrapped in so much mystiue and I recently visited Arlington so I decided to start with him I enjoyed this brief and modern take on Lee from Southern humorist Roy Blount Jr It is part of a series called Penguin Lives that are biographies written by modern authors but not necessarily historians Written in the early 2000s before our current spate of history erasing the biography takes a critical but not destroying look at Lee and spends time in the book and in a separate appendix parsing out the evidence for his feelings about slavery details are scant which come down to no he wasn t a harsh slave master but he was firmly part of the slave owning South Of note Union general and later president US Grant s wife also owned slaves The biography dealt with much of course including Lee s pet hen his complicated relationship with his father Rev War hero Light Horse Harry Lee and the fact he never carried a weapon during the war borrowing the sword he wore to the surrender to Grant It was an interesting and short read about a pivotal person in America s history who was just as flawed as the rest of them

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Robert E Lee

Robert E Lee characters ↠ 0 Roy Blount Jr. Ê 0 Free read Read Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê Roy Blount Jr. Ader Blount delves into his family history and his personality He illustrates how descended from two illustrious families Lee embodied the best of all their traits and became Lincoln's first choice to lead the Union troops in 1861 But Lee's Virginia roots drew him instead to the Confederate command Blount vividly conveys not only his am. Roy Blount Jr s short biography of Robert E Lee is an idiosyncratic book It s broadly organized into two parts a biography running a brisk 160 pages and a 45 page section of appendicesThe biographical half of the book is good Blount s account is readable and nicely summarizes Lee s life beginning with the legacy of his wastrel father a one time comrade in arms and friend of George Washington Blount depicts Lee s father casting a shadow over the entirety of Lee s life a point explored by other biographers but made central to the story here Blount even ascribes to Lee an oedipal complex at least twice about which shortly Blount moves uickly through the early stages of Lee s life the difficult circumstances of his youth his time as a cadet and young Army officer the Mexican War and his tenure as commandant of West Point The longest section as in most Lee bios is that on the Civil War This section is very good given its brevity Given the constraints of space and a general readership Blount has to pick and choose and mostly chooses well He avoids bogging down in the nitty gritty of the Civil War campaigns and includes a lot of telling personal details throughout Lee s heart problems his pet chicken his self abnegation his platonic fondness for ladies his affection for his children and his concern for their discipline and morality drawing a decent sketch of Lee as a manThe book is writerly Blount s interests as a writer and raconteur peek through in a lot of odd ways including numerous references to Faulkner and Robert Penn Warren and a meditation on Lee s spelling Blount may be no historian but the book is again readable often witty and only occasionally marred by errors of fact As just one example Blount blunders in describing the Battle of Antietam as the war s bloodiest battle 105 That dubious distinction belongs to the three day Battle of Gettysburg Antietam was the bloodiest single day of the war An understandable slip but a slip nonethelessThe book has two serious flaws The first is Blount s endless psychoanalysis of Lee And I use psychoanalysis deliberately Blount drags a lot of outdated Freudian theory into the scene to try to make sense of the unknowable Lee Blount winks at it several times suggesting to the reader that he finds what he s writing faintly ridiculous but he writes it anyway The most ludicrous moment comes in Blount s rumination on how Lee came to lose at Gettysburg Union General Meade s headuarters was a thousand yards or so from the Balti Pike Lee s was about the same distance from the Mummasburg Road When Light Horse Harry Lee was just about Lee s age at Gettysburg he came to grief in Balti It was a man known to history only as a giant of a man named Mumma who tried to cut off his noseMaybe something in Harry s son decided this is the place To win his war or lose it to resolve his oedipal conflict or not 132 Fortunately this kind of thing is sparse within the body of the biography itself but its presence is silly and pulls the narrative up short whenever it intrudesTied to the psychoanalytic strains of the biography are the strangest parts of the book the three appendices that make up the last forty pages These three sections are independent essays on different facets of Lee s personality and are of wildly varying uality The second Lee s Humor is full of personal tidbits that could have been sprinkled into the narrative or excised entirely without damaging the book It shows a human side of Lee a man capable of joking and acting silly with his family The third Lee s Attitude Toward Slavery is essential to understanding the man and it makes no sense to have affixed it as an appendix This is material that should have been incorporated into the main textBut the most idiosyncratic ridiculous passages of the entire book are in the first appendix Speculation Much of it is taken up with idle conjecture Lee had small feet Blount notes He liked it when his children tickled them He reuested fresh socks a lot in letters Could it be Blount suggests and one involuntarily imagines a wry grin that Lee had a foot fetish Could it have been an oedipal thing too Robert was presumably pleased to ease his mother s aches by massage 167 Blount brings in the psychology of gifted children titters over the contents of a Richmond prostitute s diary compares Lee to other mother s boys like Elvis rates actors who have depicted Lee on film and ponders how other men s admiration of Lee s looks affected him as a young heterosexual man 181 It s a freeform dump of non information that offers next to nothing beyond prurient leering at a dead icon That s my deepest reservation the psychologizing and the rambling appendices detract from this otherwise fun and engaging short biography When Blount rises to the level of his subject the book is excellent Some of the discursive passages provide enlightening new angles from which to view Lee But the book s flaws don t recommend itRecommended only to those already familiar with Lee and seeking a little distraction

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Robert E Lee characters ↠ 0 Roy Blount Jr. Ê 0 Free read Read Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê Roy Blount Jr. Iconic Virginian brilliant general and complex human being it is this last facet of Robert E Lee that is rarely seen But now Roy Blount Jr combines acute character insight with lively storytelling and a full hearted Southern directness to craft this uniue personal portraitFascinated by what made Lee into such a great though reluctant le. An excellent short biography of Lee Blount doesn t portray the general as either a hero or villian but as someone who felt that he had no choice but to take the path he did Lee had a somewhat negative view of slavery albeit in a paternalistic kind of way and thought that secession was a mistake but in the end his ties were with Virginia rather than the United States Blount s writing is usually filled with amusing digressions but there is little of that here or correctly he saves it all up until the end After the end of the biography proper there are three appendices Speculation on the psychology behind Lee s decisions Lee s Humor and Lee s Attitude Toward Slavery Until those appendices Blount pretty much leaves himself out of things his writing is straightforward and informativeI probably shouldn t even bother but I can t help commenting on another review here from June 2011 I don t understand it at all There are three or so pages in the Speculation appendix about feet and around 70 pages than a third of the book dealing with Lee s conduct of the war I think that one can be safely ignored