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FREE DOWNLOAD by Luther Blissett 108 Eology student adopts the cause of the heretics and the disinherited Our hero an Anabaptist who travels under many names and his enemy a papal informer and heretic hunter play a game in which no moves are forbidden Across the chessboard of Europe from the German plains to the flourishing Dutch cities and south to Venice what begins as a struggle to reveal each other's identity eventually becomes part of a much greater mission total annihilation of the enemyPart thriller part novel of ideas is as richly imagined as Umbe. The cold war between pro capitalist and pro communist spooks is trasplanted into the killing fields of Reformation Holy Roman Empire by the collective of writers known as Luther Blisset The story attempts to follow the careers of a radical protestant and an underground member of the inuisition for over 30 years as they circle and try to dispose of each other The set pieces the battle of Frankenhausen the revolution in Leyden are well told but most of the characters are not well defined and so it is difficult to care for themIt is as if though the characters are an excuse to retell the history of the times That wouldn t be so bad except that the history is not fairly told The authors obviously intended the radical fringe of early protestantism as a metaphor for radical leftist revolutionaries of the XX Century This impression is heightened if one considers the attachments to the book which besides a few pictures of the main characters includes instruments of torture of right wing or pro Western governments of recent timesIn reality Thomas M ntzer the radical theologician that led the German peasants into senseless slaughter at Frankenhausen was not an idealist who wanted to redeem the masses but a millennarian prophet who cared about destroying the old world than about creating a new one see Cohn s The Pursuit of the Millennium for a fascinating review of M ntzer in the context of a very old tradition of religious radicals that actually reaches to our very day whose rethoric of bloody extermination of opponents strikes a reader as very similar to that of Stalinists in the show trials of the 1930s And it is surely ridiculous to attribute the failure of the M nster Anabaptists not to sectarian politics but to manipulation by popish agent provocateurs as appears in this book This is a common accusation among radical left groups who are inclined to impute their inability to get along and work together to divisive actions by obscure class enemies or imperialistsIn fact the hagiographic presentation of M ntzer is a dead giveaway of where this book is coming from East German history presented this enemy of both Pope and Luther as a proto Marxist and in fact the largest painting in the world refers to M ntzer at the battle of Frankenhausen and is titled Bourgeouis Revolution in Germany painted by Werner T bke and commissioned by the East German leadership 400 feet long 45 feet high and still around in its special built to purpose museum prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall The analogy between radical reformers and XX century Marxist revolutionaries is not subtly evinced and it is a pity for subtleness would have had impact on the readersThe book is not only manichean in its portrayal of good but misguided revolutionaries and an all powerful and a malignant Catholic Church represented by Cardinal Gianpietro Carafa later elected Pope and known as Paul IV where political calculations trump all religious commitment as evidenced by s fictitious conversation with Cardinal del Monte who acknowledges his essential agreement with reform partisans but indicates that he will be unable to do anything about it since he has just been elected Pope It is also very defficient in character portrayal as already noted all characters sound the same and has a a tenuous plot it ties together many episodes that in reality were not connected so that the parts of the book are greater than the whole On the other hand these episodes are so thrilling in themselves and so little known about them by most people that even a mediocre novel such as this one may be defended on the grounds that maybe some of the readers will be interested in learning and finding out the truth If you would like to know about this era and can be bothered to take up a hefty but wonderful book don t bother with this one Go for Diarmaid McCullough s The Reformation which tells the whole story in a readable fashion and without hidden agendas

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FREE DOWNLOAD by Luther Blissett 108 Is a historical novel of the grand and sweeping sort one that aims to capture not a life or a moment but an era of pivotal importance Washington Post Book World It is hard to do better than this vivid terrifying portrait of a survivor of the Protestant Reformation The characters in bleed real blood blood that was still soaking Europe in the trenches of World War I and the firestorms of World War II—The New RepublicWhile sixteenth century Europe is devastated by the wars of religion following the Reformation a young th. Who knew there was so much blood guts spilled over the anabaptist heresy This 768 page page turner never lacks for action as the title character a shady Vatican secret agent plays cat and mouse with Gert of the Well his opposite number on the Protestant side Along with your history lesson you get proto communism free love bank fraud crypto jewery backstabbing book binding Venetian whoring and vivid ultra vi in various medieval European locales If they ever make a movie of this one I will be first in line to buy a bucket of popcorn

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FREE DOWNLOAD by Luther Blissett 108 Rto Eco's The Name of the Rose or Iain Pears's An Instance of the Fingerpost and as subversively political as Michel Houellebec's AtomisedThe four pseudonymous authors of live in Bologna Italy Their website is wwwwumingfoundationcomTranslated from the Italian by Shaun Whiteside is as mysterious as a miracle and hot as a burning heretic—The Raleigh News and Observer This is a big book and a big canvas The panorama is big and bloody and breathtaking a crush of colour and crowds exotic locations and war— The Times Londo. This book covers the era when Martin Luther nailed up his criticism of the corruption of the Catholic Church the early 1500 s It was a time when the peasants started to protest their treatment by the brigands who called themselves nobles and the torturers who maintained moral and civil law who called themselves the Church The entire book is written from the point of a young university student who must change his identity every time he gets in trouble with the two power factions running Germany The story is very gritty You are there in the mud and cold fighting local louts outside the inn where you ve been drinking You are stunned to find out the nobles know what your fighters are up to and have arrived with cannons You gradually figure out there is some very clever traitor giving away your friends secret plans and no matter where you run he s following you You find paradise on earth in a commune in Holland where the pretty girls sleep with anyone even you a tired old man at 40 The story goes on and on and you have no desire to see it end It s expertly written enthralling The book bounces around between the letters the traitor writes to a supremely evil ambitious cardinal and the attempts of the hero to fight this system of subjugation city by city farm by farm Read it