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  • The Rancher Takes a Wife
  • Jackie Merritt
  • English
  • 15 July 2020
  • 9780373501694

Jackie Merritt ✓ 6 characters

The Rancher Takes a Wife Free read ë 6 Anger in the heat of the night And that despite her unsettled past he was about to claim her futur. They were so in love in high school and they had kept their love going long distance while he was in college and she was working and helping her mother The he went to a party and the next day found himself in a motel room with a girl he didn t really know When she called him several weeks later and told him she was pregnant he called his fiance and told her he had to marry the girl His heart was broken and her heart was broken He spent 6 years in a marriage he didn t want because of his son Now he is back in Whitehorn and was hoping to get her to forgive him This is a heart breaker and tears fall Great book

Summary The Rancher Takes a WifeThe Rancher Takes a Wife

The Rancher Takes a Wife Free read ë 6 Ow he was determined to have her She'd know soon enough that the man she'd known forever was a str. I did not finish this book It was a steaming pile of fragrant fecal material I hated the characters I hated their words their thoughts and everything about them They were both complete idiots I wanted them both to crash into a tree and die What on Gods Green Earth was the author thinking writing a story about a clueless spineless dolt who is led by his nether regions through life who then pops back up into his old hometown and then KIDNAPS HIS EX GIRLFRIEND There is NOTHING about this plot twist that makes an ounce of rational logical sense I closed the book and threw it directly into the trash as soon as the man got out of the truck and left the woman sitting in the truck after he had kidnapped her and she began to RATIONALIZE AN ABDUCTION And make excuses for his behavior and to start to think to herself that she kind of still liked him NO NO NO At that point any chance of anything about this book being romantic like Elvis dropped dead on the bathroom floor and began to stink Also how many of us would buy a ticket to go and visit a parent who lives in another state but then decide not to call her ahead of time and let her know we were coming I don t know about many 30 something adults but I do know if I showed up on my mothers doorstep out of the blue she might feed me but she would also gently let me know I should have called because she has her own life and does not exist just for me to show up and eat her groceries and borrow her car and leave her dirty laundry to wash and dry and fold and most likely put away There were to put it lightly plot holes in the first half of this book through which I could drive a fleet of hummers and maybe a small yacht If I could have rated it with a Negative star I would have used That rating system It s Awful

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The Rancher Takes a Wife Free read ë 6 The AbductionWyatt North wouldn't wait any longer He'd loved Melissa Avery for almost a lifetime N. Just can t rate itthe uestions that bothered me was How can you have sex with another woman when you have acknowledged and accepted that you love this womanwant her forever in your lifeThen hurt her in worst possible way When he came to know what had he done why did he come clean and tell Melissa everything When Shannon told him about pregnancy why did nt he have a paternity test instead of blindly trusting her going ahead for shotgun wedding He had doubts whether Tim was his son or notstill he did nothing aboutearlier he was in shock but what about later as he said it does nt matters whether Tim is his or not he loves him then why not take the testget out of that loveless marriageIt was never cleared whether Tim was his child or notwhich disappointed me When yet again Shannon came out and declared her pregnancy he said there was a slim chance that the child might be his Why did nt he cleared the divorce mess first and then go ahead to winning Melissayet again he hurt herThis was a very disappointing read for me the only solace was we get to see H crying then onceit had tears and grovelling but stillAvoid it